Hospitality & Tourism Services


About the Services

Dr. Christakis Sourouklis leads our Hospitality and Tourism team of high calibre experts.  The team have a strong record in the provision of Training & Development series of tailor-made seminars including Human Resource Management (HRM) Solutions and Selection & Recruitment Services for Hospitality & Tourism Enterprises in Cyprus and internationally. The team also provides Business & Management consulting services in the following areas:

  • Strategic Management,
  • Organizational Development,
  • Workforce Diversity Management
  • Managing Change
  • Corporate Governance
  • Environmental Management and Sustainability
  • Health and Safety
  • Tourism planning
  • Key Performance Indicators for Hospitality & Tourism Enterprises

Furthermore the team is involved in extensive cross-national comparative quantitative and qualitative action research including the development and implementation of several European Funded Projects/Programs in Hospitality and Tourism.