Cyprus Investment Programme


About the Programme

The Cyprus Investment Programme attracts foreign investment to Cyprus stimulating economic growth.

Structured by the Minister of Finance the current programme has attracted thousands of foreign investors, introducing approximately €4 billion to the economy.

Investors become a full citizen of Cyprus, receiving all the benefits that the European Union provides. This includes free movement within the EU including the right to reside, study and work throughout the 28 member states as well as Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland.

Many investors seek to relocate their families and wealth to the security and stability of an EU country. The programme welcomes members of an investor’s immediate family under a single application with any capital movement being managed by our company legal team.

The programme is fully endorsed by EU regulators and in accordance with EU regulations. Investors are eligible for dual citizenship, with no requirements to complete history or language assessments.

Cyprus does not require an investor to reside in the country at any time during or upon completion of the process and full citizenship is granted without any need for an investor to visit the island.

Cyprus provides a more competitive citizenship in comparison to its EU counterparts due to its attractive time frame and cost.

Cyprus Investment Partners manage every aspect of an application, from start to finish.

How Does It Work?


The programme requires a minimum investment of €2m


In addition an investor must make a €100,000 donation to the Research and Innovation Foundation and €100,000 contribution to one of four funds.


Citizenship is then granted within 12 months at which point all members under the application receive their Cypriot passports.


The investment can be liquidated after 5 years providing a residential property of €500,000 is retained

Why Cyprus for Investment & Citizenship

Cyprus is experiencing exciting growth and development thanks to a renewed boost in confidence from foreign investors. Attracted by the improved economic climate, large-scale projects and increasing prospects in real estate, investment fund and energy sectors.

Oil and Gas discoveries have in turn created many opportunities for Cyprus. Natural gas deposits found in both the islands Exclusive Economic Zone and surrounding neighbourhood has given the island a future in gas exportation. The resulting revenue will bring billions to the economy and government for many decades to come.

Global Shipping Hub
Due to its location on the easterly edge of Europe and only a stones throw from the Suez Canal, Cyprus has long been a strong global hub in all aspects of logistics and ship management. Ranking as the largest crew management centre in the world and the 11th largest in ship registry. The island continues to expand with help from economic factors and new facilities.

Foreign Direct Investment
Investment in the island has put Cyprus as the number one destination for European Foreign Direct Investment. Major developments can be found in every sector, creating a strong and balanced growth in a secure and professional environment.

Tourism Breaking Records
Tourism moves from strength to strength, with predictions for tourist numbers and revenues continuously rising. Investments in upmarket tourism have allowed the island to attract a new area of the market not previously catered for. Large investments in tourism-related real estate, allow for the development of infrastructure, which will include new marinas, Europe’s largest casino and many hotels.

Emerging Fund Management Sector

Cyprus is quickly emerging as one of Europe’s key districts for investment funds and fund managers. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has approved 200 registered funds with assets exceeding €4.5 billion.

Market players are confident that Cyprus’ funds industry will continue to develop due to the country’s stable legal environment and strong network of financial and professional industries. The island has projected assets under management to reach €20 billion within the next 5 years.