About Us

The Cypriot economy is set for inevitable growth.

This once overlooked island is finally being realized for its geographical advantages, thriving business culture, natural beauty and welcoming approach to foreign investment. The island is destined for exponential growth and a very bright future.

Cyprus Investment Partners are here to provide the necessary understanding to capitalize on all the island has to offer and welcome investors to join us in reaping the rewards.

Steven Tabbron – CEO

As one of the leading Investment Consultants on the island, we understand the responsibility we have to the people of Cyprus and to our investors to build sustainable growth in urbanisation, hotels, resorts, and commercial property.

Our company has an ethos of recycling capital and long-term investment with a vision for innovative transformation. We bridge the gap between Cyprus and the global markets with offices around the world. Our local knowledge and expertise allow global brands, institutions and foreign investors to capitalise on the booming Cypriot economy. 

Our diverse team has experience across the entire investment sector. From local property insight to international legislation, our depth of knowledge allows us to negotiate the property landscape with speed and minimal risk. 

The team is extended by a network of the best professional service partners in Cyprus. They strengthen our service ensuring all legal and regulatory aspects are dealt with swiftly and to the highest standard.

Through our consultative and non-biased approach, we aim to bring you the most secure and profitable investment opportunities that Cyprus has to offer.